I am Sachin, a bestselling author and publishing consultant. I help people in their writing goals!
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Publishing Consultant

In my years of publishing experience, I have felt that a lot of books don’t make it because of very minor reasons. The author may not be able to identify that gap for several reasons. It could be because the author is too close to the book or maybe just lacks the domain knowledge related to book publishing.

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Manuscript Critique

While there are lots of editors who can do a grammar check, very few people can give feedback on the character, the plot and the marketability of the book. Being a bestselling author myself, and having worked with some of the country’s highest selling authors has given me insights which I can use to critique your book.

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Writing Mentoring

When I started out my writing and publishing career, I really wished I had a mentor who could guide me in this career. This is me trying to fill that gap. I’ve worked with tens of authors over the years and have taken multiple workshops in Mumbai.

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About Me

Sachin Garg was the publisher behind launching some of India’s highest selling authors. He is himself an accomplished author published by Harper Collins and Penguin India in the past. He is the Founder and CEO of Grapevine India and has the experience of every publishing related department, starting from procurement of paper to placing book in a prime spot in a book store. A graduate of two of India’s premier institutes, he made a mark in an industry where he was an absolute outsider.

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